Bass Classic Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations – All anglers MUST read this.
  • All anglers are to attend the briefing at 6:30pm on Friday the 14th October at Copmanhurst Pub.
  • Teams event, 2 per boat.
  • No pre-fishing on or after 7th October.
  • Lure and fly casting only is permitted. Trolling or bait will NOT be allowed.
  • Longest overall length of 5 biggest fish for the weekend. (Combined total of 5 fish per team)
  • The event is NOT a live weigh-in, as this will cancel out any potential harm caused to the fish.
  • You will need to register every catch on the Fish Donkey App.
  • Each team must register ONE account (this is the team account) on Fish Donkey app.
  • You only need ONE phone with the Fish Donkey app to record all fish caught over the weekend. Fish Donkey app will use your best 5 fish over the weekend.
  • Only fish 30cm fork length and longer are eligible for your 5 biggest bass.
  • You must use a phone with the Fish Donkey app to take the photos. (Leave the fish donkey app open on your phone so if you go out of reception, it will log your catches when you come back into reception).
  • BIG BASS prize for the biggest bass caught over the weekend.
  • You can be on your fishing spot and waiting for the start time.
  • Fish Donkey will start and close fishing times.
  • All pairs of anglers are to stay with each other at all times, to ensure safety and to validate co-anglers catches. Additionally, anglers are not permitted to fish from outside their vessels at any time during sessions, including fighting and landing fish.
  • Only Australian Bass are eligible for points.
  • Boats should remain a cast apart (minimum 30metres) while fishing.
  • Refunds Policy: Full refunds are possible up until Thursday, September 1st 2022. Any refunds requested on or after Friday the 2nd September 2022 will receive the entry amount minus the fishing shirt costs for each angler ($90 per shirt) so your total refund will be $280-$180 (fishing shirts) = $100 total refund and your fishing shirts will be posted to you after the event.


MUST READ DECLARATION - By entering, you agree that you take part in the 2022 Hayden Grebert Memorial Bass Classic as a competitor. You take part entirely at your own risk and will at no stage hold the club, sponsors, organisers or committee responsible for any damage or loss to either yourself or your property. You understand that at all times you are responsible for your own actions and that you take full responsibility for yourself and your crew during all aspects of the competition. You also affirm that your boat complies with all NSW Waterways regulations.